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I see you! You're not just in search of a job. You're ready for your next level. You're determined to earn more in a role that truly aligns with your ambitions and the life you want to live.


And do you know what gets your foot in the door? It's your resume.


I hear you; sorting out your resume can be as confusing as putting together IKEA furniture without the instructions.


Please know that you’re now in good hands because I have well over a decade of experience in corporate recruiting, a recent Master's degree in HR, AND two HR designations under my belt.


Now, I’m sharing my years of expertise to help you update your resume for that new position that is going to allow you to put your bills on auto-pay and plan that much-needed vacation.


If you're thinking it's time for an upgrade, this is the resume masterclass to get you there.


The Six-Figure Resume Revamp Course. 



Imagine a resume that not only gets noticed but makes hiring managers do a double take!


It's time to say goodbye to the 'apply and cross your fingers' strategy.


No more resume stress! The Six-Figure Resume Revamp Course is your key to crafting a resume that speaks volumes and gets you noticed.




This course is for you if...

  • You're an ambitious professional aiming for career growth.

  • You want to increase your earning potential with a six-figure job.

  • You're ready to enhance your resume for a competitive edge.

  • You seek expert insights from an experienced career coach.

  • You desire a transformative journey with a focus on mindset and practical tips.


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Nice to meet you, Friend!

I'm Kristina Butler, MSHRD, PHR, SHRM-CP.

All of those letters simply mean I am fully committed to this awesome field of Human Resources by way of formal and continuing education.


What else makes me an expert?

  • 12 years and counting in the recruiting space recruiting for all levels in corporate 

  • I've coached hundreds of job seekers over the past decade - from entry-level professionals to senior-level executives.

  • I've taught several courses on resume review and interview best practices to Hiring Leaders!

Here's what's in store... 

Module 1: Setting the Right Mindset for Success

Shift your thinking for solid results. Your mindset sets the stage for success and we're rewiring it for six-figure wins.

Module 2: Crafting a Resume for Six-Figure Success

Discover the art of crafting resumes that don’t just get glanced at – they get the undivided attention of recruiters. We're talking about a resume makeover that elevates you above the competition.

Module 3: Perfecting Your Resume and Taking Action

This isn’t your typical course; it’s a toolkit of success. A workbook, my favorite resume template, real-world examples, and lifetime access mean you’re not just learning; you're mastering the game.

 Where else can you get access to insights from a recruiting leader at this price point???




I've poured my expertise and heart into this course and I'm ready to see you shine. Invest in yourself, sign up for the Six-Figure Resume Revamp course, and let's rewrite your career story together!


Your journey to a better career starts here!


Join the Six-Figure Resume Revamp Course and let's make it happen.

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this course was made just for you!


“ Thank you so much Kristina! This feedback was great and already implemented into my resume :) Again, thank you so much for your time! You're amazing! ”
— T. Bradley 


“ Where do I begin?! This was the most thorough and detail oriented resume audit I’ve ever received, and I’ve had several! She is VERY knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. She‘s also very encouraging and has lit a fire in me to extend my career search! I highly recommend using any of her services! ”
— Taneshia J. 


“Thank you so much for such a helpful review of my resume. As I was going through it with you, I could see the value points you were making. ”
— Jose S.


"Kristina's attention to detail, professionalism and passion for what she does spoke to me. Her ability to give thoughtful and useful insights related to my resume, I believe have set me up for success as I navigate my current pivot! I highly recommend!!"
— Keith Hicks