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Virtual Six-Figure Mom Blog

Virtual Six-Figure Mom Blog

Here you will find actionable tips and insights to help you gain career
clarity and increase your earning potential.

Here you will find actionable tips and insights to help you gain career clarity and increase your earning potential.

How To Define Success For Yourself

May 27, 2024

I’ve received several questions from our growing Virtual Six-Figure Mom community and want to take a moment to answer one here today.


Q. Kristina, I’ve heard you mention the importance of defining success for yourself on Instagram and I’m not quite sure of where to start with that. Can you give me a bit of guidance?


Let’s dig into what I view as the best next steps to put some clarity around what success means to you.


First, please don’t expect clarity overnight. It’s just not the way this thing called life works. It’s going to take some time, but you can absolutely gain that clarity if you’re committed to doing the work. Now that we’ve managed expectations, let me tell you what has worked for me and the moms I’ve coached over the years.


I find that the most effective way to start is to get quiet and center yourself with a regular meditation and/or prayer practice. As Rumi said, “listen to silence; it has so much to say.” As someone who has made this recommendation repeatedly to clients, I also know the objections to meditation are very real. Some say their mind drifts too much and to that I say…allow it to drift and just bring it back with the breath. There is no perfect meditation practice for us regular humans so we allow ourselves grace and know that every bit of centering is helpful to our mind and our body. 

VSFM community recommendations:

  • Dr Chelsea Jackson-Roberts on the Peloton app. She’s truly a bestie in my head. Not a member? Click here to use my 60 Day Guest Pass.
  • Calm has it all!
  • Mindvalley - community recommendation I haven’t tried yet, but it’s definitely on the list     


Leading with silence is the perfect practice before my next recommendation, which is to put pen to paper (or some form of digital journaling). The thoughts will start to flow and you want to get them out of your head and onto paper as soon as possible so you can organize them and think through a plan. Whatever you do, don’t limit your journal entries to career goals. Your definition of success goes far beyond that! 


So where do you start? If nothing comes to mind naturally, consider starting with a few of the journaling prompts below:

  • When do I feel most confident in myself?
  • What do I want to be remembered for?
  • Who do I admire and what exactly is it about them that I admire?
  • What was my favorite job and why?
  • If money wasn’t an issue, how would I spend the rest of my life?

Some of my fave journals include:


Once you’ve put your thoughts onto paper, seek support which can come in many forms. My best friends and I have been each other's accountability partners for many years. I’ve also partnered with some of the best coaches and mentors in the business to help me get and stay on track. You know what you need and I highly recommend you try a few different options because it may indeed take a combination of resources and support to help you define success and work toward achieving your goals.


Before I leave you, let me say this…

I absolutely love this community we’re building and I consider it an honor and a privilege to share so much of what I’ve learned over the years with moms everywhere. Please keep the questions, comments, and semi-vent sessions coming as it helps me speak to your needs in real time.


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